Individuals Training Team Leader

Vacancy Description

Job Goal:-

The individuals' Training Team Leader is responsible for applying department-specific methodologies related to training needs and contributing with the department manager in implementing marketing strategies, communicating with other staff members and trainers and helping the department manager with their tasks. 

Job Duties:-

  • Recommend enhancement processes that will improve the workflow.
  • Supervise the implementation methodology for potential courses, including offering them and closing them inside the ERP system.
  • Supervising trainees’ registration and ensuring enroll them to the appropriate courses.
  • Conducting all follow-ups on training courses, including modifying, extending, or cancelling the current or anticipated courses on the system.
  • Make reservations for labs and meeting rooms and defining them on system.
  • Conducting all follow-ups with instructors whether to check their contracts or scheduling of financial claims.
  • Prepare reports and disclosures on the number of trainees enrolled in various current and future courses, as well as statements verifying the completion of weekly tasks.
  • Follow-ups and coordinating with other academy’s departments. 

Required Skills

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